Black ghost knife fish diet

Copyright www. We had a clear plastic tube that he would hang in.

Black Ghost Knife Fish Diet

One way I found to trick the ghost knife out is to place window tint under the bulb to defuse the intensity of the light. He never has shown aggression but who knows what happens when the lights go out.

Chitala ornata Synonym: We finally decided on the Ghost knife, two angel fish, two bristlenose's, a coolie loach and a red-tail shark, all of which were small babies at the time of purchase. Almost always rejects flake foods.

I have not seen him do it but I for sure it is him. They are otherwise peaceful towards similar sized and larger fish, but should not be kept with aggressive fish or those that may fin-nip or bully the Knife.

I would also highly recommend a timer for your lights, if you don't have one already. Best of luck with this endeavor, and do keep a log so you can write up and publish an article when you're successful! In Amazon river black ghost knifefish habitat has rather low lighting and the fish has quite poor eyesight due to this.

Deep-fried pla krai with garlic. We feed the Ghost knife daily with bloodworms which he really enjoys but we were puzzled to find after completely clearing the tank out that we had no longer have any bristlenose's.

Can be kept in a community aquarium with other calm species that are to big to be swallowed.

Puffer fish eating a black ghost knife fish?

It also states everywhere that 2 ghost knives cant be kept in the same tank, I have 2 in 1 tank now, 1 is 13" long the other about inches. Mine is both friendly and elegant, a joy to watch I found they love lots of plants, hidey-holes and places to explore.

Though they are peaceful fish, they are carnivores and will eat smaller tank mates so they should be kept in tanks with fish equal in size or larger. I thought this right up until it began to grow rather large quickly and the smaller bristlenose's we had were suddenly nowhere to be seen.

Have not heard that this species was being produced commercially. However, because it is a carnivore, it may eat smaller tank mates.

Abstract A brief description of the brown ghost knife. Each fish is different. I do partial water changed weekly. Sarah-Jane Date: In most Knifefish this electricity is formed by muscle cells; it may be pulse-like or continuous. In the wild black ghost knifefish can grow up to 50 cm 20 in long, in a tank it is up to 40 cm 16 in.

They move by waving the long fin along their side up and down in an almost hypnotic motion and seem to enjoy swimming backwards as much as forwards. Most clown knifefish are afflicted with cloudy eye color when they age. No one died and having been doing great refer to suddenly stocked tank on WetWeb.

Hop Date: They are mostly nocturnalthus prefer feeding when the lights are off.

Black Ghost Knife 6cm

I have a problem with the ammonia in my tank, so I have been going to feeding them every other day.11/3/ · Black ghost knife fish can grow to inches in length so make sure your tank is big enough.

They much prefer to be in a group and need a planted tank with plenty of places to hide. They are a nocturnal fish so if you want to see them you would do best setting up a moonlight tank. They like bloodworm and black gnat in their Resolved. Way too many for a 75 gallon tank, black ghost knife fish have a minimal of gallons dumbass while some grow slowly thru out their whole justgohostelbraga.coming on diet and everything else.

Tiger barbs seem to grow about an inch every few months and reach a max size around 4 inches. Clown loaches seem to grow slower when I had one he seemed to. Buy KNIFE FISH BLACK GHOST for your pet.

Black Ghost Knife Fish diet.......?

Shop online with Petbarn today. The Black Ghost Knife fish has special feeding requirements. If not fed as required it can turn on its tank mates for food. If it is kept with cichlids the chances are it will stay hungry, because of the competition more equipped to find food. African knife Fish - Xenomystus nigri Banded Knife Fish - Gymnotus carapo Barred Knife fish - Steatogenys elegans Black Ghost Knife - Apteronotus albifrons Clown Knife Fish - Chitala ornata Glass Knife Fish - Eigenmannia virescens Mousetail Knife Fish - Gymnorhamphichthys rondoni.

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Black ghost knife fish diet
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