Black ghost natural diet

The water is very hard, pH slightly lower than neutral. This fish has easily become one of my favorites in the tank, with its gentle demeanor and quick vertical, horizontal,and diagonal traversing across the tank under the moonlight. A high-flow power filter keeps the water moving quickly, with additional mechanical pre-filtration to keep particles out of the water with the high-flow rate.

The Black ghost is sensitive to water pollutants, changes in water conditions, and medications. I do half tank water change every weeks. On the few occasions I've seen it open its mouth, it looks like a moray eel.

This unique fish is a must for anyone who wants a real looker in there tank. At the time I had a fairly new set black ghost natural diet that I was slowly introducing fish to. The caudal penuncle is also long, and the rounded caudal fin is very small.

I have an old resin vintage car wreck and a large chunk of driftwood with holes and openings along it and he seems happy to alternate between the the two when going about his business.

You can get around this by having a UV light, or moonlight bulb, or just a desk lamp with a red light bulb He's very friendly with black ghost natural diet blood parrots, often snuggling up to them in their little caves. Little or nothing is known of their sexing and breeding habits.

But you also need to ensure that the gravel is not rough as the fish could harm itself in the absence of scales. When they fight they bite each others tails. He is doing great and eating well, as log as I keep the other gouramis, mollies, platys, rasboras, danios, catfish and sharks away.

PH is around 6. It is somewhat shy with the daylights, but is the most graceful and amazing mover under the led moonlight!

And I strongly feel that ghost knives are of a superior intelligence to most other fish. The pH should be neutral to acid. K fish that we had never seen before and my son said " mum please we just have to get these sometime" I replied," my boy, if we don't get these today I doubt we may ever see them again".

Black Ghost Knifefish

He's learned now that I find it cute when he gets in his log and rolls upside down and just stares out the glass at me, usually he's rewarded with a few shrimp pellets and more and more I've noticed that when he's looking for a snack he'll keep an eye for me to enter the room, when he knows I'm watching he'll leave the coliseum and swim over to the log, wiggle into it hence the name, Mr.

Lighting The creature is a nocturnal fish. The small Dorsal fin is filamentous Coloration: Jordan Date: Found in fast flowing waters of rivers and streams with a sandy bottom Breeding: Two cans were open and empty of contents when recovered.

What fish can i put with a Black Ghost Knife Fish?

Wiggles" but after that he never touched another fish and I've had him now for almost 5 years. Caring for the fish will not be a trouble if the tips are followed.

We have the front of the tank covered with black ghost natural diet colorful natural stones, from half way to the back of the tank we have river sand with a lot of plants and big boulders n the 2 back corners of the tank and 1 large drift wood piece in the 1 back corner, this they love.

But the fish does need some caring. I will take a photo of the tank setup and post it at a later date. When I put a frozen square in, the ghost knife thrashes it back and forth, gobbling up as much as it can before the bloodworms disperse and the angelfish begin eating.

Vinny D Date:The can features a light blue background with the "DIET GHOST™" logo prominently featured. The catchphrase "SCARE YOUR THIRST!" appears beneath the logo. Most instances also have a sticker on the can with the text "MADE WITH NATURAL GHOSTS!" printed on it; it is unclear if cans lacking this sticker were distributed this way or if the sticker was removed before acquisition.

The cans bear no. The Black ghost is sensitive to water pollutants, changes in water conditions, and medications. Although timid they are aggressive to their own kind but can be housed with other large peaceful fish such as Angelfish, Discus and Gourami.

Knifefish, fish guide for Black Ghost Knifefish, Apteronotus albifrons, Black Ghost fish information, descripton, and fish pictures, Apteronotus albifrons care, diet, habitat and lifespan, Black Ghost Knife Fish compatibility, tankmates and keeping it in the aquarium.

· Best Answer: The rasboras, probably. The cories, quite possibly. The Black Ghost is a piscavore. That means its natural diet is smaller fish. Rasboras are small and tasty, so it will go for them first (most likely at night when the rasboras are asleep. Corydoras have hard fin spines and armored plates Status: Open.

The ultimate Black Ghost Knife Fish care guide that covers all you need to know including tank size, feeding, temperature, tank mates, diseases and more.

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Black ghost natural diet
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